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FCI No. 111/2001      

Malinois kennel in germany, DMC / FCI registered
“de l’origine de faucon rouge”


current breed and sport dog:

Anoriel vom 6ten Continent
IPO2, HDA/ED1, DMC Körung
Iari de l’origine de faucon rouge
IPO2, HDA/ED0, DMC Körung
Kiwi de l’origine de faucon rouge
Mae de l’origine de faucon rouge
Oxy de l’origine de faucon rouge
Jeno’s Lourdes

Daneo de l’origine de faucon rouge
Alan Edin Dvor



Farah vom Greifenring
A’Joy de l’origine de faucon rouge
Audry de l’origine de faucon rouge
Flory de l’origine de faucon rouge
Julka von Haus Penz
IPO2, HDA, DMC Körung
Arno van Tessinij’s
IPO3, HDA, DMC Körung 2




Anoriel vom 6ten Continent x Fred v. Brunsbeker Land


Iari de l’origine de faucon rouge x Haakon vom Parchimer Land






Julka von Haus Penz x Fred v. Brunsbeker Land


Julka von Haus Penz x Alan Edin dvor (rent in DK kennel Jenos)


Iari de l’origine de faucon rouge x Fred v. Brunsbeker Land


Audry de l’origine de faucon rouge x Da’Eder v.d. Brunnenstadt


Quo Vadis Canis Alfa x Da’Eder v.d. Brunnenstadt


Anoriel vom 6ten Continent x Da’Eder v.d. Brunnenstadt


Julka von Haus Penz x Arno van Tessinij’s


Julka von Haus Penz x Iwo Perle des Tourbiere


Audry de l’origine de faucon rouge x Iwo Perle des Tourbiere


Julka von Haus Penz x Flic v. Mecklenburger Büffel


Audry de l’origine de faucon rouge x Flic v. Mecklenburger Büffel


Farah vom Greifenring x Joe Zlata Harfa


Farah vom Greifenring x Brando Airport Hannover


Farah vom Greifenring x Bjelo v. schnellen Fuchs


Farah vom Greifenring x Duke v. schnellen Fuchs


Amy vom schnellen Fuchs x Alf v. Nordhang der Eifel


Farah vom Greifenring x Bjelo v. schnellen Fuchs




a video collection about our training with our dogs and offspring and historian Malinois,
you can find here


ABOUT ME - my “history”...

My Name is Antje and I was born and I live in Leipzig in East Germany,

I was 13 years old and my parents were working all time.
Only 150 m I lived from our trainingsclub, so everytime it was possible I was going to look for training of the dogs there.

I was impressed about the training and want to do same.
First I began to train the Briard, Berger de Brie from my parents.

I tried to train him all I saw. But success don’t wasn’t high.

He was a herding dog for sheps, ducks or others.

So I was very frustrated and end his training.


But I saw a new chance. Wothan, the mixed breed out of Giant schnauzer, Rottweiler and Airedale Terrier owned by our neighbours should be next one for training, so I thought.


So I was going outside all time I was able with him for fun or training.
He was genius and does all I trained him with great working ability.

Later my friend was going with us with dogs of her aunt. At the end we girls were outside with 4 well trained dogs to relax or train for lots of hours.

Both we began to train in funsport - very successfull from beginning.


Later I trained Wothan in cause of his very good genetics in Schutzhund/IPO. We become very successfull very fast too up to 3. place at german championships.

He was one of the best dogs I ever had.
Real social character, environmental stable, high working ability and playdrive with lots of temperament, drive and endurance.

In 1994 I noticed the new coming Malinois at our regional trials, a very rare breed in East Germany. I thought what kind of ugly dog ;) but was very excited by working of them.
I don’t got them out of my head.


He was very sensitive and without playdrive. But I was motivated and trained him up to IPO3/SchH3 with excellent score. But real he only was  a good companion instead a working dog.

In advice of Peter Engel, leading Malinois kennel, “von Löwenfels” at this time I bought my first malinois male “Bengel v.d. Ihleburg” near from us in autumn 1994. But it wasn’t so easy how I expected.


Therefore I began to read and inform about character and breeding of Malinois in and outside of germany.

Since 1992 I studied and collect bloodlines all I can and saved it in my head and PC.
Parts I published on my website cause it was difficult to got informations for everyone.
With this knowing I was searching a new dog. I bought a female, named Farah vom Greifenring. She was exactly what I was looking for. I planned her training exactly in advance and it was going right.

In cause of our very good working team in  trainingsclub I qualified to FMBB worldchampionship 2004. Our result was king-sized.
We got 9. place and become world team champion. This without help of the high professional trainers and my son was born one month before.

But our training all years was perfect planned and prepared and Farah demonstrated here superior quality as full team player with great working ability and reliability



In course of time I passed lots of trials and earned lots of titles. Only two times a failed a trial. First it was a start in SchH2 in tracking with Wothan and second with Brenda in her IPO3 on German Malinois Championat in IPO3.

Besides I trained and present lots of other dogs or support/preparing other teams in training Schutzhund with very good results.

Later I was working lots of years as trainer in our club and look back to lots of successfull, professional working teams developed out of absolut beginners and methods they were able to train.



since 1995 I trained and passed

  • 11 x BH-Prüfung (9 verschiedene Hunde)
  • 14 x VPG/IPO 1 Prüfung
  • 7 x VPG/IPO 2 Prüfung
  • 20 x VPG/IPO 3 ab.
  • Besides I passed in DMC

  • with 6 dogs charactertest
  • 3 x  DMC Körung 1
  • and 2 x  DMC Körung 2.


    Besides I earned following importanst titles:

  • 3. place dhv-german junior championship
  • qualifikation FCI worldchampionship
  • qualification (dhv german championships) + FMBB WC
  • 9. place IPO - FMBB WC
  • 5. place German Malinois Championat. DMC
  • DMC world team champion 2004
  • and lots of regional titles with highest places and scores.


    kennel “de l’origine de faucon rouge”...

    This french name is a shock for judges and owner ;)
    How to speak, what it means, why such idea?

    de l’origine de faucon rouge = original/breed of vom Roten Falken
    Since 1994 - 4 years before I got my breeding bitch Farah - my possession begans to collect bloodlines, results, breedings and genetics of Malinois. It was a addiction to got all facts and dates up today, but worthwhile to got the right dog for me at the end - Farah vom Greifenring - direct daughter of Comtesse bred out of kennel vom Roten Falken - my facourite bloodline. In comparison of quality and quantity a superior breeding not only on the paper in germany.

    With Farah I didn’t only had working ambitions. As my first breeding bitch I planned to continue this bloodline. 1998 she passed a demanding DMC Körung 1 in Neulussheim and 1999 DMC Körung 2 in Bad Vilbel.
    2000 I saved my kennel name, third choise but mainly called as my real intension.

    2001 I got my first litter bred out of Farah and Bjelo vom schnellen Fuchs - a line breeding on Bo - Comtesse vom Roten Falken. The litter was amazing. Both grandmothers Bo and Comtesse gave same success to her offspring. Multiple there were Körung 3 dogs within a litter and national and international terrific dogs for breeding and sport in following generations up today.

    Very helpfull today for my breeding was my intensive visiting of nearly all breeding events (DMC Körung) of german malinois club since 1995/96 and done lots of pics and videos of all malinois breed dogs in future. Live I saw lots of parents, offspring and siblings and was able to compare them about differences and similarities at the lines. Most of them I remember up today als good or bad dogs or under watching in future...Primarily all I have in my head and second at the paper..

    Rainer Mündelein/ Malinois Zwinger “vom Roten Falken”


    breed intensions...


    to be a breeder of a dog breed means:

    Take a ideal, lots of time, patience, honesty and self-criticism - and - nature to bear reversals, engage with the breed and meantime don’t forget love and sympathy to animal ....and after generations you can be named as breeder now.
    Pretty words ;) ?!

    I only want to breed only health malinois with high working abilities for most popular kinds of sportswork like IPO competition, ring and police work.

    This part will be new created, more informations following.


    thanks... & learning from ...


    very thankfull :

    • to team Horst Kober & Olaf Seibt for first steps of training with Wothan and all my “small” big successes
    • Olaf was hard working, amazing thinking sportsmen and very extreme in performance. With his Airedale Terrier he earned rare big results. He was qualified 2 times to FCI worldchampionship he gets 8. place and 12. place. AMAZING. Both are reason for my dogsport neurosis up today.

    • to Mario Neumann & Uschi Fuchs to take part on my success
    • Primary Mario was involved in protection training of my both Malinois girls A’Joy and Farah. Our results and successfull works are evidences of right ways on training, teamwork and amazing dogs. Uschi Fuchs supported us with right suspension to dogsport, her big knowledge and experience and her never still standing motivations

    • to Uwe Schmidt, breeder “vom Stapperweg”, at least on my side.
    • A extreme people too in lots of aspects but with unimagined professional skill of real tracking and protection work with lots of personal unselfishness. So I started to go back to my original and look other side to the real hard and fair work like my beginning. The double to my soft anti authoritarian side.

    • to all my friends, working people and buyers of my pups, who trusted in me and I in them.
    • I’m very thankfull of your sympathy and friendship. Th intensions and handlings ot them with the dogs today it isn’t naturally. Representative there are Andrea Schwarz, Klaudia Morgenstern, Anne Weitz Heeland, Achim Rahe & friends, family Brings... and more.

    • last but not family
    • a capital of importance, small but effectfull. They don’t understand the background and motivation why I’m so interested and dominated in life and care about the dogs whatever they are here if I need them for all use or nonsense without statements. THANKS